Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Women Oriented Women's (WOW) Collective Announces Milestone Publication and Seeks Support!

I just wanted to let everyone know about a really creative initiative that is being undertaken by my friends in the The Women Oriented Women's (WOW) Collective. Please consider making a donation of any size to help document this milestone publication:
_ _ _ _ _ _
The Women Oriented Women's (WOW) Collective—a group of queer and straight Armenian artists, writers, and experimentalists—is planning the publication of two years of its online electronic correspondence, beginning from its inception in 2007.
“Two Years in Correspondence” includes original emails (in Armenian and in English) written by members of WOW discussing the foundation of the collective, the conceptual details and debates about outreach, awareness, art projects such as “Coming To You To Not Be With You” (August 3-4, 2008), and other important conversations on LGBT issues in Armenia. Some discussion threads include the translation and coining of new phrases in Armenian regarding gender and sexuality, accounts of coming out to self and family, and arguments on the goals of a feminist art collective to present radical views on gender. The book is scheduled for publication in August 2010.

We have set up a fund via AGLA New York and this Kickstarter Project so that members and friends can help contribute to the publication of the WOW correspondence. To find more info on the book and the fundraiser, please click on the link below:


All of your donations will be tax deductible. Please join us in the endeavor!

Shushan Avagyan,
Queering Yerevan


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